# Projects

A mix of work and personal projects that I've led or been a core contributor on. More details will be added soon.

# BioDex

BioDex iOS App

BioDex is an automated species identification app for Butterflies. During my 9 month fellowship at the ETH Library I had the fantastic experience of bringing the project from prototype to release in the iOS store. I created the backend prediction service, designed the app and worked with a 3rd party developer who created the React Native app.

BioDex Project Description (opens new window)

BioDex iOS App (opens new window) (requires an invite code to use, get in touch at biodex.ethz.ch)

topics Image Classification, Natural History Collections
date: Jan 2020 - Sep 2020

# Brain-Storg

Ever needed to generate some quick fire ideas on a couple of points, but don't want all the hassle of setting up & coordinating people on an online whiteboard (e.g.: Miro, Whimsical)? This project tries to strike the balance of keeping things exceptionally simple -> so there's nothing between your team and sharing their ideas while also having some essentials for keeping everyone on the same page.

More details to come soon

topics Collaboration, Brainstorming, Vue, Firestore
date Jan 2021 - present

# Migros Store Location Challenge

This 1.5 day challenge was part of the Data Science Bootcamp at Propulsion where I and 2 colleagues had to create a prototype tool that would help Migros (a grocery store chain) pick a location for opening a new store.

Given the limited time, our strategy was to create an interactive data exploration tool to show exsting and competitors stores, as well as points of interest (public transport, schools etc.). Based on an assumed rubric that you wouldn't walk more than 300m to a small store in Z├╝rich, we tried to identify some interesting locations.

topics: EDA, data visualization, Bokeh
date: Oct/2020