# About Barry

I'm interested in making useful things for people. This first led to studying mechanical engineering and working on projects making things. A few years ago I got hooked on making useful digital things for people.

just doing Data Science things (opens new window)

At work, using the latest methods in Data Science
(image: Graphische Sammlung ETH / D 7301 / Public Domain Mark 1.0)

# Programming

Admittedly I didn't find my 1st year Matlab classes simulating the national lottery particularly inspiring. But after starting working in industry, and seeing the daily barrage of repetitive excel based tasks, I quickly took an interest in VBA and figuring out what workload I could expedite and automate.

Fast forward several years, and a lot of excel know-how later, I began to think that there has to be ways of analysing and interacting with all this data. I began learning Python and have not stopped learning since.

I like being able to create things from idea to deployment: getting & cleaning data, analysing it, training ML models with it, making a backend to store it and a front end so that people can use it... I wear lots of hats (i.e. I check a lot of docs 😄)